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Over 200 years of combined



P3 unlocks social, economic & environmental opportunities for local municipal partners by developing monetization opportunities, leveraging innovative technology, broadband solutions, media via smart city deployment.

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Media, Data,  Technology, Telecom &  Smart City  Infrastructure Development.

Company Profile

P3 Smart City Partners, Inc. (P3SC) is a global, smart city infrastructure development, advisory, and investment firm working together with its smart city providers. With a collective 150 years of Smart City experience, P3SC was established in 2017 to unlock social, environmental, and economic opportunities for local municipal partners by leveraging broadband and Smart City deployment.

P3’s strength relies on identifying, designing, funding, and operating Smart City implementations that include energy, communication network, transportation, security, and media solutions that positively impact cities' ability to generate cost savings opportunities through improved municipal operational efficiencies and alternative revenue streams. 

"There’s no doubt that as our digital universe continues to evolve. Those cities that invest in new smarter infrastructure will not only be perceived as ‘smarter’ and ‘more connected’ internally and externally, but they will also have a community full of engaged and more informed citizens. They’ll also reap the rewards that result in maximizing today’s newest technological tools in the form of economic growth and reduced operational costs."  

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