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Our Portfolio

We partner with the world’s most visionary CEOs & top technology teams.

Our mission is to build a better tomorrow, today – identifying cutting-edge potential, to incubate transformative ideas that can help advance our world. We pride ourselves in fostering a global community of investments, partnerships, and companies to share knowledge, accelerate innovation, and create economic impact.

Our dedicated global team leverages the resources, relationships, and insights of P3 Smart City Partners to help innovative companies of all sizes achieve their objectives across a full range of private and public markets. While we focus on implementing private-sector innovations that are centered around; security, media, data, connectivity, and currency – our team is always at the forefront of how these innovations are advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, while developing economic engines, with every innovation.


​Aviation &

Investing in the future of Low Earth Orbit economy that benefits all of humanity. Advancing the future of logistics across smart cities.

​Mobility &  Transportation

Advancing the future of transportation, from Electric Vehicles (EV) to electric Vertical Takeoff Landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

Renewable Energy & Carbon Offset

Building new economic opportunities in the renewable & carbon markets, developing an inclusive clean energy future, 

Big Data, Governance & Security

Developing innovations focused on "data as an asset class" to advance how public & private embrace the future of data and its security. 

Government Advisory

We deliver the world’s most experienced policy advisors, foreign direct investment specialists & legal experts in the industry.

Prop-tech & Real Estate Technology

Investing in proptech, which today is driven by a range of new technologies available, such as artificial intelligence and big data.

Technology, Media &

The fabric of all 'Smart City' projects. Investing and developing strategic joint ventures to scale verticals.

Digital Transformation,
& De-Fi

Investing in the shift from traditional, centralised systems to peer-to-peer, powered by decentralised blockchain technologies.

Public-private Partnerships (PPP)

Investing in Multi-stakeholder partnerships for the development, cross-sector collaboration and collective action for greater impact.






Past Investments
& Projects


- World Bank, Benchmarking PPP Procurement 2017
“Public-private partnership (PPP) projects are gaining momentum globally as a means for delivering infrastructure. Government capabilities to prepare, procure, and manage such projects are important to ensure that the expected efficiency gains are achieved. No systematic data currently exist to measure those capabilities in governments.”  
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